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Wheelchair Unit Quadriciser


   The Wheelchair Quadriciser Robotic Rehabilitation Therapy System is the only medical device that moves all four limbs simultaneously in a continuous, natural, passive motion with high repetitions to help reconnect the nerve pathways in the brain. The Quadriciser performs 19 rehabilitative therapies including simulated walking, crossing midline, ankle dorisflexion, etc. It is humanly impossible to replicate the consistent and constant motion provided by the Quadriciser and takes the physical exhaustion out of therapy.

  • Wheelchair Unit Accommodates Wheelchairs Up To 29.5 Inches
  • Quadriciser custom seat attached to base frame
  • Can be loaded with Hoyer Lift from the rear or side
  • Allows for full range of therapeutic positions
  • The Quadriciser is able to be shipped worldwide
  • Q-Chair is optional
The Adult Unit Quadriciser Includes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we hear most often!

Quadriciser Questions

To determine if the Quadriciser is right for you, we'll need to talk with you to understand your unique situation.

Every patient is unique. Some patients use the Q for 5-10 minutes once per day, while others build up their stamina to use the Q in multiple sessions for extended time periods.

The Quadriciser is designed with a motor that can move the most complex cases in a gentle and consistent motion. There is no electrical stimulation.

Absolutely! Even if you are unable to grip, special grip assist gloves are available. We can show you how these same gloves can be utilized in opening contracted hands on the Quadriciser.

Yes! The Quadriciser is one of the most versatile physical therapy equipment devices you can own. 

Yes. The seat can move back and forward as well as straight up to reclined. The motor housing can even be adjusted if necessary.

We'll be creating a Quadriciser location map soon. Until then, feel free to reach out to us directly to see if there is a Quadriciser near you.

Financial Questions

Currently, insurance does not cover this device. Please get in touch with us for the best options in acquiring the Quadriciser.

Yes, we work with several financial partners that  provide several ways to finance the Quadriciser.

Yes, but since used inventory can vary, please contact us to find out if we have any currently in stock.

Once we reach out to you, feel free to let us know that you're ready to purchase and we'll provide instructions on how to do.

Facility Questions

We are located at 2411 Maremont Parkway • Loudon, TN 37774



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