Our Story

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Larry Bohanan, the inventor of the Quadriciser, was raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, and worked 28 years at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Y-12 National Security Complex. He supported prominent scientists and engineers in their patent and invention endeavors there. 

Tragedy struck when his father Wallace suffered several mini-strokes and a major stroke, which left him immobile and with decreasing circulation that presented new problems. The doctor advised amputation due to gangrene, but Larry was determined to help. He created a motorized machine that mimicked a walking motion, allowing Wallace to move all four limbs and improve circulation. After using the machine, Wallace opened his eyes for the first time in two days, and the new device facilitated much-needed circulation.

The device was so successful that Larry’s cousin Colin, paralyzed for 11 years after a motorcycle accident, asked to use it. After just nine days of use, Colin was reflexively able to catch his hat when it blew off his head – representing a remarkable improvement that marked the beginning of the Quadriciser in 1996.

The inventors father in the hospital using the first Quadriciser device

Larry's Father Wallace

Pictured using the first Quadriciser invented

The inventor Larry standing with his cousin who benefited from the Quadriciser

Larry's Cousin

Shown with the second Quadriciser invented

About Quadricisers

Our Current Model

The Quadriciser is a medical device that helps individuals with minimum to severe disabilities receive rehabilitative therapy. It achieves this by moving all four limbs simultaneously in a natural motion with high repetitions to help reconnect nerve pathways in the brain. 

This motorized machine has a timer, speed control, grip assist gloves, foot cradles, adjustment bar, adjustable trapeze cords, gait wedge, and a reverse function. The bars at the top allow for multiple ranges of motion in the arms. The foot cradles are designed to give a natural walking motion while increasing flexion in the foot with specialized wedges that increase or decrease flexion. 

The Quadriciser is a in-home physical therapy tool that allows multiple ranges of motion in the arms while providing mass practice. Praised for gentle therapy, the Quadriciser team has spent years working with the medical community to develop the ultimate physical therapy device. View the diagram to see an image of the Adult Quadriciser Unit and learn more about the Quadriciser features offered.


Who We Are

Located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Loudon, TN, we are an FDA-registered, ISO 13485-certified medical device engineering , manufacturing, and technical services company supplying both military and commercial markets. In our years of operation, we have earned a strong reputation as the “can-do” company, innovating new products and technical services to meet the ever-changing demands of medical devices and equipment.

Our Purpose

SHINE in the marketplace &
CARE for one another to the Glory of GOD

Our Vision

Accelerate healing with life-changing medical devices

Code of Business Ethics

We are committed to doing the right thing with excellence. this reflects our Core Values and sets expectations for conduct with customers, suppliers, and employees. We expect our team members to accept personal responsibility for exercising appropriate behavior, acting with honesty, and integrity, while maintaining high ethical standards.

Quality Policy

1. We are committed to excellence by providing safe and effective products for our customers.

2. We will measure quality in our processes, including customer feedback, and apply the data to get better.

 3. We will develop a culture of continuous improvement to ensure the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

4. We will ensure that our products comply with applicable safety and regulatory requirements.