Innovative Technology for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

For the past 25 years, Quadriciser has worked with doctors and therapists to create the ideal in-home therapy machine.

Innovative Technology for Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

For the past 25 years, Quadriciser has worked with doctors and therapists to create the ideal in-home therapy machine.

adult and child using seated therapy units

Moves All 4 Limbs Continuously

The ideal solution for mass practice of repetitive movements passively or actively

wheelchair therapy units

Roll Into The Quadriciser

Multiple options available to better meet your needs when unnecessary transfers are a concern

showing unique arm movements

Customizable Range of Motions

Slide and adjust as needed to achieve the desired angle and range of motion for each arm

grip assist gloves for the disabled

Created For Gentle Physical Therapy

Even if you're unable to grip, we have solutions to provide the most gentle robotic therapy experience

Improve Activities of Daily Living

Quadriciser Benefits

Here’s how we’ve seen the Quadriciser help with continuous passive or active motion in users!

Reduce Pain

Our tension cords are specifically designed to allow you to adjust gait speed separately from arm tension to allow gentle motion

Improve Gait

Naturally align your walking motion with custom made foot cradles that allow flexion in the ankles

Enhance Dexterity

Continuous motion and mass repetition can help increase your dexterity

Improve Circulation

By continually exercising, you'll notice healthy improvements such as blood flow.

Relieve Contractions

Regain flexibility by slowly relieving the most contracted arms through repetitive movement

Enhance Muscle Tone

Regain strength and muscle over time with continuous use

Increase Range of Motion

Increase arm range to move in ways that were not previously possible

Improve Bowel & Bladder Functions

Ample movement catalyzes regular bodily habits

Ideal Users For The Quadriciser

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What is the Quadriciser?

     The Quadriciser is an exceptionally practical motorized therapy tool that provides gentle repetition of coordinated movement of all four limbs. The ideal CPM machine in home. Therapeutic movement that may otherwise be exhaustive to obtain is performed with ease and efficiency on the Quadriciser. In addition to restorative potentials from use of the Quadriciser, it is also a good defense to the complications that typically come with prolonged immobility. If movement of your body for therapeutic purposes is needed, the Quadriciser is an excellent consideration to provide it.

online video training manual

20 Therapeutic Motions

online video training manual

Our Guarantee

We’ll be here to help you get the most out of your Quadriciser. We offer on going support through Zoom, FaceTime, and more.


“The Experience that I have had with the Quadriciser has yielded a lot of positive results in my interaction with it. There did not really exist specific pieces of equipment that would work the various ranges of motion until now.”


“The Quadriciser helps with motor recovery— preserving bulk and reinforcing subcortical motor pathways. I used the Quadriciser at a specialized outpatient Stroke rehabilitation therapy program”.


Our Products

We offer multiple Quadriciser units. Click “Learn More” to learn more about a specific Quadriciser

Adult Quadriciser

Our most popular Quadriciser unit

Wheelchair Unit

Perfect for wheelchair users

Child's Quadriciser

Great for smaller individuals
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