Using the Quadriciser

Who does the Quadriciser help?

If you have a mobility impairment, the Quadriciser could be right for you. It works for situations like stroke, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and other mobility impairments.

How does the Quadriciser help?

The Quadriciser helps by providing gentle, repetitive movement of your limbs.  

Does the Quadriciser provide Passive, Active-Assist, or Active motion?

The Quadriciser offers Passive and Active-Assist Motion.

Can I use the Quadriciser while utilizing other treatment options like Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment or Botox injections?

Yes, the Quadriciser is a great tool to utilize in conjunction with other treatments.

Always consult your physician prior to beginning an exercise or rehab program.

Do you have any Letters of Recommendation (LOR) or research?

Click below for links to LOR and Case Studies

Letter of recommendation

Case Studies

What kind of warranty comes with the Quadriciser?

Like most medical devices, the Quadriciser comes with a 1-year warranty.

Extended warranty may be purchased at an additional cost.

How can I purchase Quadriciser accessories?

Please contact sales@quadriciser.com

Acquiring a Quadriciser

Where can I try the Quadriciser?

Click here for a list of clinics that use the Quadriciser technology or call us at 865-657-6102.

What are the options for purchasing a Quadriciser?

• Direct purchase

We accept bank transfer, cashier’s check, or credit card payment. Credit card purchases are subject to a 2.75% fee. International wire transfers incur an additional fee. Please contact sales@quadriciser.com for details.

• Loans

Assistive Technology Loans: Most states offer low-interest rates for the financing of Assistive Technology. If you perform a Google search with the term “Assistive Technology Funding” and include your state, you should be able to identify some options.

• Financing

Lightstream, a division of Truist Bank, offers loans on medical device purchases.
Click here for a link to their website.


Do you offer Commercial Leasing?

Yes, we offer leasing to a qualified business such as a therapy center, nursing home, or related rehabilitation facility. For more information please contact Quadriciser at sales@quadriciser.com or call 865-689-5003.


What can I expect regarding delivery?

The Quadriciser is delivered on a pallet with an over-box. It is delivered that way to your door or garage.  The shipping company will contact you to deliver on your schedule.

How do I assemble the Quadriciser?

Click here for full assembly instructions. Contact us for any additional questions.

What if I need help with my Quadriciser?


How much space do I need for a Quadriciser?

Adult Seated Quadriciser 

36” x 48.5” x 79”

Wheelchair Quadriciser

33” x 51.5” x 79”

  • Weight: 265 lbs
  • User weight limit: 350 lbs
  • Power requirement: 110v outlet
  • Pallet size:
    62” x 42” 45”


Is the Quadriciser considered Durable Medical Equipment (DME) or Assistive Technology (AT)?

The Quadriciser is considered Assistive Technology.

Will my health insurance plan cover a Quadriciser purchase?

This is a question that can only be answered by your insurance provider. In most cases, we have not seen insurance companies cover a Quadriciser purchase.

Will Medicare cover a Quadriciser purchase?

We have not seen Medicare cover a Quadriciser purchase.

Will Medicaid cover a Quadriciser purchase?

We have seen Medicaid pay for a portion of the Quadriciser.

Can I submit a prescription to you for the Quadriciser?

As a medical device manufacturer, we do not submit claims to insurance companies.