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Adult Seated Quadriciser


   The Quadriciser Robotic Rehabilitation Therapy System is a medical device that moves all four limbs simultaneously in a continuous, natural, passive motion with high repetitions to help reconnect the nerve pathways in the brain. The Quadriciser performs 19 rehabilitative therapies including simulated walking, crossing midline, ankle dorisflexion, etc. It is humanly impossible to replicate the consistent and constant motion provided by the Quadriciser and takes the physical exhaustion out of therapy.

  • User must be able to transfer to seat
  • Accommodates users 54 inches and taller
  • Quadriciser custom seat attached to base frame
  • Can be loaded with Hoyer Lift from the rear or side
  • Allows for full range of therapeutic positions
  • The Quadriciser is able to be shipped worldwide
The Adult Unit Quadriciser Includes

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