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Quadriciser Questions

To determine if the Quadriciser is right for you, we'll need to talk with you to understand your unique situation.

Most clients use the Quadriciser an hour a day. After an hour on the machine at 30 RPM, 1,800 repetitions are accomplished. The Quadriciser is capable of 60 RPM, providing for even more movement.

The Quadriciser is designed with a motor that can move the most complex cases in a gentle and consistent motion. There is no electrical stimulation.

Absolutely! Even if you are unable to grip, special grip assist gloves are available. We can show you how these same gloves can be utilized in opening contracted hands on the Quadriciser.

Yes! The Quadriciser is one of the most versatile physical therapy equipment devices you can own. 

Yes. The seat can move back and forward as well as straight up to reclined. The motor housing can even be adjusted if necessary.

We'll be creating a location page soon. Until then, feel free to inquiry about a Quadriciser location when we reach out to you!

Financial Questions

Insurance providers have covered the Quadriciser in the past, however, it's not a simple process and requires effort from the user.

We do not offer in house financing on the Quadriciser.

Absolutely! Our product engineer even goes through any used equipment to ensure a quality product. Used Quadriciser inventory can vary. Contact us to find out about our used Quadricisers currently in stock.

We no longer offer leasing options.

Once we reach out to you, feel free to let us know that you're ready to purchase and we'll provide instructions on how to do.

Facility Questions

No. We're the manufacturer and distributor of the Quadriciser Robotic Rehabilitation System. You are welcome to come try the Quadriciser in our facility free of charge.

We are located at 6624 Central Ave Pike Knoxville, TN 37912.

No. Quadriciser is a private corporation that has worked with doctors, therapists, and users to create the ideal Robotic Rehabilitation Therapy System.


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