We help people move again.

For the past 25 years, Quadriciser has worked with doctors and therapists to create the ideal in-home therapy machine.

We help people move again.

For the past 25 years, Quadriciser has worked with doctors and therapists to create the ideal in-home therapy machine.

Transformative Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury

The Quadriciser® promotes neuroplasticity through comfortable and repetitive movement of all 4 limbs,
with up to 600 repetitions in just 30 minutes.

From Tragedy to Hope

Jacqueline’s son Matthew was in a terrible car crash. Due to the severity of his brain damage, doctors gave him a 3% chance of having a normal life. Learn how Jacqueline, using the Quadriciser was able to provide Matthew with not only results on his path to recovery, but also…hope.

Quadriciser is the only patented device in North America that can move all four limbs simultaneously and and is helpful to individuals who cannot move, to regain movement.

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The Quadriciser®
Therapy System

is a gentle and effective method of simultaneously manipulating upper and lower body extremities. This movement can significantly enhance the quality of life by improving physical and neurological conditions. The Quadriciser®  is highly customizable to meet the unique needs of each individual user. Positive results have been observed in many users after just one session.


“We have a 97% success rate in getting people out of the wheelchairs and walking again. We just ordered our 15th Quadriciser.”

Mark Desmond
Director of High Hopes
Head Injury Program

20 Therapeutic Motions

The Quadriciser® Can Help Improve...



The Quadriciser® offers a unique combination of passive and active exercise that can reduce physiological breakdown. The benefits of repetitive motion is rooted in patterned neural activity. Continuous repetition can establish and strengthen the neural pattern in both the brain and spinal cord ultimately resulting in relearning a specific motor task, particularly when input from the brain is restricted.


Contractures, Spasticity and Range of Motion

Repetitive movement results in an increased range of motion and may help prevent muscle atrophy while maintaining joint mobility.


 Gait and Postural Stability

Improved core balance and gait stability, with incremental improvements over time are a common result. Users with stroke symptoms may experience rapid improvement in mobility.


Speech Impairment, Muscle Spasticity, Tone, and Swallowing Difficulties

These neurological and physical impairments have been shown to improve after only a few sessions on the Quadriciser® using the Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Patterning (PNF Patterning) Configuration.

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