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     Our experience is that gentle, passive, highly repetitive, and naturally coordinated movement offers strong therapeutic benefit to anyone who has had their mobility impaired by TBI, SCI, and other neurological injuries and diagnoses. The movement previously described is exactly what the Quadriciser easily enables. Whether you’re a therapist looking to gain mass practice before specialized exercises, Quadriciser is committed to providing the most practical solution to highly coordinated and gentle movement. Watch our multiple testimonial clips below from doctors, therapist, and users to learn more about how the Quadriciser will benefit your clients.

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    The Quadriciser is an exceptionally practical motorized therapy tool that provides gentle repetition of coordinated movement of all four limbs. Therapy that may otherwise be exhaustive to obtain is performed with ease and efficiency on the Quadriciser. In addition to restorative potentials from use of the Quadriciser, it is also a good defense to the complications that typically come with prolonged immobility. If movement for therapeutic purposes is needed, the Quadriciser is an excellent consideration to provide it.  The Quadriciser can also alleviate the warm up exercise to allow you to focus on specialty targeted motions and complex after exercises, after warming your patient up. Feel free to check our clips from other medical personal to find out what they’re saying about the Quadriciser.

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     A high level overview of the Quadriciser. Learn more about how the Quadriciser is truly unique to any therapy device in the market allowing almost any range of motion in a gentle and consistent pace.

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