New Beginnings Community Center for Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Medford, NY


On February 7, 2007, Allyson Scerri’s father, Al Barone, was involved in a horrifying motorcycle accident in Florida which left him with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Seeing her father, a man of great strength and independence, inadequately cared for was an unacceptable frustration for Scerri. She relocated her father to New York to oversee his care and find the best TBI solutions for him.

Overcoming a flood of roadblocks, Scerri fought, pushed and searched for the best care available for her dad. With the clearing of each hurdle, a passion was ignited in Scerri to remedy the unavailability of a superb TBI rehabilitation center on Long Island. There needed to be a place where others who were struggling to find advanced TBI rehabilitation, management and recovery could get the care and support they deserved. This place would be a “new beginning” for traumatic brain injury survivors and their families. And it would make a profound difference for everyone touched by this incomprehensible injury. It would be New Beginnings Community Center.

Scerri’s vision is that New Beginnings is positioned as a place where people just like her and her father are welcome and able to receive the care, concern, hope and support they desperately need during difficult times dealing with TBI or a similar health issue. She envisions a qualified staff that infectiously promotes its deep-seated belief that all clients recovering from brain injury will succeed at some type of recovery. This team will see the potential for healing beyond the initial predictions of outcome. By providing patients with state-of-the-art equipment that treats the entire body, the staff at New Beginnings will be certain that recovery is possible. Treatment will include functional rehabilitation and a nutritional wellness program, as well patient involvement in goal setting for recovery system, as applicable.

One of the many therapies available at New Beginnings is the Quadriciser Motorized Therapy System. Scerri found out about the Quadriciser while she was searching for therapy solutions for her father. Barone uses the machine daily. Scerri says, “Since he got the machine and has been going on it consistently, he has had huge, huge progress.”

Through Scerri’s vision and dedication New Beginnings is becoming a powerful reality. Serving as founder and executive vice president will allow her to oversee the daily routines of a growing staff as she relentlessly researches the latest TBI advancements. Her focus is clear: ensuring that patients receive the best possible rehabilitation available to them. It is with high expectations that New Beginnings will continuously lead the way as a cutting-edge rehabilitation center, with a forward-thinking staff, to give community members with traumatic brain injury, physical disabilities, cognitive disabilities and dementia a place where they feel not just hopeful and encouraged but at home. Life with disabilities doesn’t end with the traumatic experience. It begins a new journey … and, as Scerri aptly articulates, “Everyone deserves a new beginning.”

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Testimonial from New Beginnings

Dear Friend,

My name is Darlene Shaughnessy. I am a 58 year-old woman. In September of 2001, at the advice of my doctor, I began taking Lipitor for high cholesterol. Three months later I began to suffer severe adverse reactions that lead to what doctors called “Lower Motor Neuron Disease” resulting in Quadriplegia and ventilator dependency.

Recently I discover a non-profit organization called “New Beginnings” in Medford, Long Island, New York. New Beginnings offers a multitude of services including a passive range of motion machine called the “Quadriciser.” This state of the art machine passively works every muscle in the body including the diaphragm. From the first session I have had positive results. Muscles which have been paralyzed for approximately ten years have begun to “relearn” and I now have the ability to kick and rotate both my legs and feet following a session, until fatigue sets in (15 minutes). This is a very big milestone in my life.

The Quadriciser is most beneficial when used for two, one-hour sessions daily. However, due to my circumstances, transportation, nursing, etc. I can only manage two sessions per week. Sadly, New Beginnings is one hour from my home and no facility closer utilizes it. ). The machine is costly ($15,000) and since it is not covered by Medicaid I am unable to purchase it. 

New Beginnings is a “last resort” for disabled individuals like me. They do not believe that an individual “plateaus” in their recovery process. This unprecedented philosophy differs from the current rehabilitation format of stopping therapy if no significant gains have been made by the patient with a six week period.

The organization depends solely on funding from outside sources, I am writing to ask for your assistance in aiding this organization to not only continue but to help it expand its program to other areas locally and nationwide.

New Beginnings has given me hope that has not existed for ten years. I now believe in a future where I can once again be a productive member of society. No longer requiring and depending on others to live and breathe.

If you could assist this organization in their search for funding (grants, names of individuals, companies, etc.,) it would be greatly appreciated by all of the individuals and their families finding a “new beginning”!

Darlene Shaughnessy

For more information about New Beginnings and the wonderful work they do there visit their website at or call them at 631-286-6166.

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