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Inventory Larry Bohanan with parentsLarry Bohanan’s diabetic father was seven days away from losing his leg to gangrene. The gangrene had advanced up his father’s right foot after a series of strokes had left him paralyzed. When Bohanan asked the physician what he could do, the reply came, “He just lays there, if we could get some movement and circulation going we might be able to postpone or prevent the amputation.”

Stunned, Bohanan left the hospital trying to think of ways to mobilize his father’s limbs and increase his circulation. Bohanan had tried to work his father’s limbs himself but had little success gaining the much-needed circulation. That evening he had formulated a plan that might just work. By the weekend he had it built and ready for a test run.

Bohanan eased the machine onto his father’s bed and put his legs into the very first Quadriciser. His father had not opened his eyes in two days, but as the machine started working, he began looking around to see what was happening. Soon legs and arms were moving and stretching, slowly bring life back into the atrophied limbs.

Four days later, the senior Bohanan’s doctor was amazed at the change in his patient. 25-minutes, three times a day had renewed the circulation in the bad leg and it was enough to postpone the amputation for six months. He later developed an infection in his other foot. It seemed the foot needed better circulation. Larry came up with the idea of making the ankle flex as in more of a walking motion. This created enough circulation and the infection healed. Larry also noticed it had healed his father’s bedsores and ulcerated skin.

Bohanan said, “Dad started talking and began to recognize us. The change took us all by surprise." The Quadriciser was born and it improved the quality of life for Larry Bohanan’s father.

The simplicity of the machine is inspiring. Bohanan designed the machine to help with the physical symptoms his father was dealing with, not knowing the neurological benefits the machine would have on its users.

After his father’s death, Bohanan’s 84-year-old mother began experiencing signs of dementia. Larry had heard that circulation improves brain function so his mother began using the Quadriciser daily and her memory improved along with her mobility.

Bohanan’s cousin a C3/C4 quadriplegic from a motorcycle accident 11 years prior, also benefitted from use of the machine. After just nine days of using the Quadriciser he surprised himself when his cowboy hat blew off his head and he caught it. Bohanan was a graphic designer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for 28 years before starting Quadriciser Corp. and had illustrated countless inventions for patent applications.

That experience helped him patent the Quadriciser, a passive, isometric, motorized therapy machine that offers hope to many individuals unable to use conventional equipment. The walking motion of the Quadriciser moves an individual’s lower and upper limbs through varying ranges of motion without any assistance from the individual. According to many physicians and physical therapists this movement has a significant impact on an individual’s overall health by increasing circulation, heart rate, range of motion, strength, muscle tone, balance, bowel and bladder function as well as improving the psychological well being of those who use the Quadriciser. All of these sum up the Quadriciser motto, “Movement Equals Improvement!”

Individuals, therapy centers, nursing homes and hospitals that now own Quadricisers have sent in countless testimonials about the machine. Many say it has taken them to “the next level of therapy.” Where they were once unable to withstand fifteen minutes of therapy before they now experience hours of therapy without discomfort.

Designed originally to assist the physical aspects of therapy, many therapists began to recognize the neurological benefits to patients, such as better speech, sensory stimulation and right-brain/left-brain function. Many physicians have noted that in certain instances neurological activities that have been dormant for years become active again.


U.S. Patent No. 8,602,948
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